Weighted blankets

Weighted blankets - custom made to order for your child. Choice of fabrics.Weighted blanket Amelia.jpg
Weighted lap pads also available which are good for school, in cars, waiting areas etc.
Weighted blankets and lap pads act like a 'firm hug' to make you feel secure and safe using deep pressure touch. I remember as a child liking sleeping at my nanas as she used heavy blankets.
They are good for people who suffer with anxiety and sleep disorders, restless legs syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Aspergers and Autism. They help children to calm down after school, during therapy sessions, help relax and fall asleep.
PLEASE NOTE - These are NOT medical products but they have been known to help some people.
Weighted blankets are custom made to 10% of the childs weight plus 1-2lbs and Lap Pads are 5%. They are made a particular size so the weight is distributed evenly over the person.
Made using 4 layers of material and filled with high density plastic poly pellets. Everything is double stitched for safety and to keep the pellets in place.
Machine washable at 30 degrees and dry flat.
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